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BS 76000

Human Resource - Valuing People

BS 76000 BS76000: Ensure your people’s value is recognised and understood



People are an organisation’s biggest asset and the fundamental principle behind BS 76000 is that all of the people within your team have a tangible intrinsic value to your business.

The first in a series of human resource based management systems to be released, BS 76000 is designed to provide you with a framework that ensures the contribution of all employees is recognised and that in turn, people feel valued.

The main principles of the Standard include:

  • The interests of staff and other stakeholders and how they are integral to the best interests of your organisation
  • How your organisation is part of wider society and has a responsibility to operate in a fair and socially responsible manner
  • How valuing people is a commitment from your most senior leaders
  • How your team members have intrinsic value in addition to their protections under the law or regulation and how this needs to be respected

Working with BS 76000 will ensure clarity on what valuing people means to your business, an understanding of how this will be achieved and a mechanism to ensure that you continuously improve with this in mind.

Other benefits of a focus on people management and value include:

  • Stronger employer-employee relationships
  • Improved organisational and bottom line performance
  • Increased employee engagement through better communication
  • Greater job satisfaction and morale, helping to reduce attrition rates and recruitment spend
  • Being seen as an employer of choice, increasing the number and quality of potential new recruits
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

We can offer advice, support and guidance to help you explore BS 76000, giving you confidence that your investment in the standard is linked to your business performance and ambition.

From gap analysis to auditor training and implementation support, we can also help with both pre and post assessment support so you can make the most of your investment and the feedback you receive.

If certification is a goal, we can also refer you to an accredited assessment body.

We can support you to explore your organisational culture and behaviours too - making sure your systems and why you are introducing them are understood and valued by all. 

If you would like to explore BS 76000 in more detail, how it can support your business performance and the services we can offer to help, get in touch