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Introducing a management system can bring a number of benefits - from improving the quality of your product or service, to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes, policies and procedures.

But to achieve these and more in the long term, your system needs to be a live resource and for that it needs to be looked after. 

Maintaining a management system can be resource intensive. But an effective programme of systematic and planned internal audits is essential for most certified management standards and also acts as an early warning system – flagging up anomalies or patterns before issues set in.

Available for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001, our Internal Audit support packages can help you to maintain your system and in turn, successfully prepare for your next external certification visit.

Designed to help you maintain your audit programme, you will gain objective feedback on your systems, identifying where you need to take corrective action.

At £750 (+VAT), each package includes: 

  • 1 day on site visit to deliver checklist based internal audit specific to your ISO standard and its procedures, policies or legal requirements such as:
    • monitoring/measuring equipment procedures or design/development procedures for ISO 9001
    • compliance with waste management legislation for ISO 14001
    • hazard identification and accident reporting for OHSAS 18001
  • A summary of findings, highlighting compliance and non-compliance and any corrective actions needed to effectively maintain and improve your system.

Internal audits are a valuable opportunity to ensure that your management system is working as well as it can, highlighting issues or potential improvements before a formal external audit takes place.

By bringing in an objective and experienced pair of eyes to undertake them, you can get all of the feedback you need without diverting time-poor resources.

  • Maintain momentum and continually improve your system ahead of external surveillance or certification visits
  • Suitable for any business size or sector
  • Work with a management system consultant, building internal expertise
  • Customisable templates for future use


Our Internal Audit packages can be undertaken as a standalone activity or can be part of a wider project.

For example, if you work with two or more systems or have multiple sites that require a rolling audit programme against wider quality, environmental or health and safety policies, we can help.

We also offer tailored advice, training and guidance if you are looking for more bespoke support around management systems - giving you confidence that your investment is linked to your business performance and ambition.

With both pre and post assessment support also available as well as gap analysis, internal audits and training, please get in touch to talk through your needs in more detail.