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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis



Introducing a management system or quality Standard is like learning to drive – after developing your knowledge and some experience, you’ll have to demonstrate your understanding, practical application and compliance to go on and achieve certification.

A Gap Analysis is an opportunity to gain a position statement on your system and what you may need to give more attention to before a formal audit. 

It’s a test run without the pressure of a pass or fail and can offer valuable feedback and insight into:

  • which parts of your system already meet your desired quality Standard
  • any observations about your system and where improvements could be made
  • areas of non-conformance which will need to be addressed prior to an audit


Having an impartial and expert perspective at an early stage of your quality journey can help you to focus your efforts in areas that will make the most difference to your business and save you valuable time.

The feedback you will receive will provide clarity and help you to:

  • develop a plan and prioritise actions for addressing gaps
  • understand resource implications such as time, money or people
  • plan realistic timescales for submitting an audit application


Your Gap Analysis can focus on a particular Standard or extended to explore more than one. It can also be undertaken as a standalone activity or part of a wider development project.

If you would like to find out more about Gap Analysis to support your work with management systems, please get in touch.

We also offer tailored advice and guidance if you are looking for more bespoke support around management systems - giving you confidence that your investment is linked to your business performance and ambition.

With both pre and post assessment support also available as well as internal audits and training, please get in touch to talk through your needs in more detail.