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Energy and Environment Healthcheck



By taking a fresh approach to your use of resources and looking for efficiencies, you can achieve a healthier balance sheet whilst doing your bit for the environment.

Cutting fuel and energy use, saving water, minimising packaging and reducing materials all saves you money. And it can help insulate your business from rising commodity costs and supply shocks too.

Our energy and environment healthcheck will help you to review and improve your business operations and systems, looking for opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste costs.

For £750 (plus VAT), we will visit your main site for the day and undertake an outline survey that will identify opportunities to improve and save.

The resulting action plan will quantify potential savings and payback periods, helping you to identify efficiency projects – with many recommendations typically being at low or no cost to implement.

By being open to where improvements and opportunities can be found, you can convert environmental pressures into competitive advantage. 

Energy, water and materials are all resources that add cost to your business. It makes sense that you and your people are using them wisely so you can support your bottom line and overall business ambitions. 

Our healthcheck focuses on where you can improve systems specifically related to the environment and energy efficiency. It’s a systematic review of your business, looking at key areas where energy, water and raw materials are used. 

And with your action plan, you can explore activities to improve systems and achieve efficiencies straight away – targeting effort where there will be the most impact.

Our energy and environment healthcheck can be undertaken as a standalone activity to identify opportunities for improvement. It can also be used as part of a wider project, complementing environmental management systems such as ISO 14001

If you are looking for more bespoke support around energy and resource efficiency, we also offer advice tailored to your needs and ambitions – in particular, where you can support your people and managers to embrace a better use of energy resources through training.   

Other areas of resource efficiency advice we can help with include: 

  • Energy efficiency surveys to ESOS compliance level
  • Review of waste contractors to ensure minimal cost as well as maximum income for recyclates
  • Compressed air leak detection, thermal imaging and energy metering
  • Training to help managers and employees understand environmental impacts and best practice
  • Regulatory compliance reviews in areas including Packaging Regulations, Trade Effluent Consents and Waste Duty of Care

To talk through your needs in more detail and explore where we can help, please get in touch.