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“IDG’s flexibility, imagination and interpretation of our business issues and processes stimulate managers to make the most of all resources they have at their disposal and their guidance has been essential.” 

Linda Willows, Head of Legal and Business Management, Brother UK Ltd.


Leaders and managers play a crucial part in your organisation by definition – they're the ones that lead your business forward and manage the people that will help you to achieve your organisation’s ambitions. 

They're pivotal in creating a happy, healthy and sustainable culture as they are tasked with supporting your wider team to achieve. You need to bring out the very best in them, to bring out the best in your people. 

As leaders, managers, coaches and role models they play a vital role in influencing engagement levels, workplace wellbeing and in turn, overall business performance. But they need to also feel supported themselves - given the opportunity of ongoing leadership development to achieve their best too. 

According to the CMI, ineffective management could be costing UK businesses more than £19bn a year in lost working hours. Poor management is also thought to currently cost our economy £84bn every year, severely affecting UK productivity and leaving Britain lagging behind when it comes to people skills. 

Add that four out of five leaders and managers in the UK are ‘accidental' with only one in five companies investing in leadership development and that is a lot of opportunity lost. 

From shaping a clear vision and purpose and living and breathing your company values, to embracing supportive management approaches and promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace, effective leadership feeds a number of key high performance workplace issues.


Leadership Programmes

Through our leadership development activity – including leadership training courses and bespoke leadership programmes - we will help your leaders and managers to develop and understand their ‘self’ and how they can use this to understand others, enhance employee engagement and create a positive workplace culture

We can also work with you to identify future leaders and managers for your business, supporting ongoing people development, succession planning and talent management. 

With a focus on improving workplace culture, our leadership development program is tailored to the needs of your business and the individuals involved, supporting both tactical skills and behavioural development. 

If you’d like to talk through your leadership development needs and how we can help, please contact us.

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