Growing Business

Growing Business

Growing Business


By creating a happy, healthy and sustainable work culture.


"As part of the project, we have introduced a number of initiatives in line with our desire to become a better employer… It was of real benefit to us to be able to access some specialist knowledge from outside the business."

Nicola Ryan, HR Specialist, Rowlinson Knitwear.


When you are in the midst of running your organisation, it can be difficult to keep an eye on ‘why we do what we do’ and explore opportunities to develop and improve. 

But taking the opportunity to look at how you align your strategy, people and processes can have a considerable impact on your performance - and is where we can help. 

Our organisational and people development consulting services are bespoke to you and designed to help you ask questions about your business and its future that you may have never considered before. 

By exploring key organisation development issues such as workplace wellbeing, employee engagement, leadership development and work culture, we will help you to uncover excellence, identify developments and design activities to implement and support improvement.


Workplace Wellbeing 

Develop resilience in the workplace with a workplace health and wellbeing strategy. See a happier, healthier and more sustainable future for your business where your people and in turn your organisation, can perform at their best. 


Employee Engagement

Work with us to develop the conditions your people need to give their all each day. Explore bespoke employee engagement consultant support, people development consulting or work with us as employee engagement survey providers. 


Leadership Development

Bring out the very best in your leaders and managers through skills and behavioural based leadership development program, leadership training courses and leadership consultancy. 


Work Culture

Creating a positive workplace culture by adopting and crucially, embedding high performance practices can make all the difference to the sustainability and success of your organisation. Work with us to explore the mechanical and psychological needs of your business and how to support effective culture change in the workplace.


As organisation development and people development consulting specialists, we can work with you to develop bespoke consultancy, activities and programmes that will support your business and future growth. 

Experienced workplace and employee engagement consultants, we want to help you be a happy, healthy and sustainable organisation. 

To find out more and discuss how to support your business growth ambitions, please get in touch

If you are interested in organisational development with a focus on people and work culture, you may like to find out more about our developmental Ambition Programme. You can find out more here.