Developing People

Psychometric Testing & Team Profiling

Invaluable insight into work culture.


Part of being a successful leader and manager is to understand what drives your team and how you can support them to be the best they can be. 

Psychometric testing and team profiling tools can be a powerful way of gaining this insight including how and why your people respond the way they do. It can be invaluable to creating a positive workplace culture. 

Helping leaders and managers to be more aware of the motivations, traits and behaviours of their people, psychometric testing and team profiling can also encourage improved performance by utilising the strengths and abilities of others. 

It can also support on-boarding - helping you to successfully bring new people into the team – and improve resilience in the workplace too. 

Covering three key areas, our psychometric testing and team profiling services can be undertaken as a standalone leadership development activity or as part of a wider people development consulting project. To find out more, please contact us


Recruitment Selection and Development

Through two psychometric tests – Carrus and Prevue – we can support your work in recruitment, selection and development. These tests can also help in areas such as talent management, succession planning and career management.  


Leadership Development

Behaviour is crucial to leadership and this test explores both style and effectiveness. Using the Integrated Leadership Measure-ILM 72, it can help leaders, senior leaders and managers recognise and understand behaviours both in themselves and their peers – supporting self-awareness and development. 


Mental Health & Resilience

We also have the MTQ 48, which measures an individual’s mental toughness. This is important in almost all work applications and studies show a close link between mental toughness and managerial level making this a particularly useful tool when selecting or developing for management roles.  


Team development

We use tests that explore alignment to help you understand your team dynamic and any potential development activity. Using T.W.O Model, you can gain an insight into your teams and how you can encourage a happy, healthy and sustainable culture.


If you are interested in leadership development and team dynamics, you may also like to find out more about our Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training too. A great way to support effective communication and managing change, find out more here.