Developing People

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Improve and support culture change in the workplace. 


"NLP sessions are truly inspirational, delivered with enthusiasm and positive motivation. Our team is already seeing the benefits of putting their learning to effective use within the business."

Lynne Martland, HR Business Consultant, Staff Oldham


It’s generally easier to achieve what you set out to do when the people you are doing it with are just that – with you. And this is especially true during times of change. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling and language. It’s about understanding others and ourselves and how this ultimately affects the way we behave and communicate. 

By exploring how people can manage and promote change for themselves and others, NLP not only supports more successful change at a capability and behavioural level but crucially in the way that it links to values, beliefs, identity and mission. 

In other words, it helps to give people the tools to take in and understand the bigger picture and where they fit in. It gives them the opportunity to see the ‘why’ behind change and get behind it. If you want to create positive culture change in the workplace, NLP can help. 

As organisation development and people development consulting specialists, we offer NLP training and coaching to support people in managing and promoting change – in turn supporting more effective communication, employee engagement, workplace wellbeing and resilience in the workplace. 

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