Developing People

Executive Coaching

Leadership development for self-awareness, capability and confidence. 


It can be lonely at the top and even the very best need support at times, whether it’s to address a specific issue or explore the future strategy and direction of your business. 

Having the space and opportunity to focus can be invaluable and also promotes wellbeing and resilience in the workplace

With executive coaching, your senior leaders have the chance to work with us one on one – exploring interest and strategy areas objectively and teasing out how they can support and fulfil them more effectively. 

As leadership development it is particularly useful when introducing an executive into a new role, going through organisational change or looking at how to improve workplace culture and can focus on: 


Self-Awareness: Supporting your senior leaders to recognise and understand their leadership style and how they can develop, adapt and flex to lead your organisation more effectively. 

Leading Change: Helping to support the confidence and effectiveness of executives leading change management, in turn creating a positive workplace culture

Coaching for Performance: By focusing on key competencies, your executives will be more aware of their performance and impact on work culture

Coaching for development: Exploring and enhancing existing competencies and characteristics, this is ideal development for succession planning. 

Board Level Coaching: Providing an independent and confidential sounding board, executive coaching can offer leadership development and support to all levels of senior management. 

Talent Management: Using executive coaching as a way to support talent management can help succession planning and identify future leaders of your organisation.


Executive Coaching can be undertaken as a standalone leadership development activity or as part of a wider people development consulting project. Get in touch to discuss in more detail. 

Unlike other executive coaching companies, activity can also be explored as part of our developmental, work culture focused Ambition Programme. You can find out more here