Developing People

Ambition Programme

Ambition Programme IDG Ambition Programme - helping you build a framework for high performance

Developmental organisation and work culture programme. 

Today’s world is complicated and unpredictable. We often don’t know what’s around the corner and can be caught off guard with the speed of change in our business environments. 

But we need to keep up to succeed and being able to effectively respond, manage and benefit from change can come down to the ability of our people, the agility of our systems and the flexibility of our culture. 

As organisation development and people development consulting specialists, we’re passionate about helping organisations to manage this change by creating a positive workplace culture.  

Our Ambition Programme is designed to support this, focusing on your work culture and helping you to discover, shape, own and go beyond your organisational ambition - providing a framework to bring about high performance.



Using our IDG Cultural Model, together we’ll explore your current state of work culture and test your organisation’s level of health, happiness and sustainability - highlighting the impact and opportunities for people development, workplace wellbeing and high performance.


Shaping Ambition

Shape your plans for the future with a focus on key themes for organisational growth and developmental change. Delivered through facilitated sessions with an experienced organisation development and employee engagement consultant, you’ll explore purpose, vision and strategic alignment, measures and analytics, values and behaviours, employee engagement and reward and recognition. 


Owning Ambition

Bespoke leadership development and training including a blend of tailored activity to support your leaders and managers and their ambitions for your organisation and people. Excellent leadership development opportunity focused on creating a positive workplace culture and delivered by people development consulting. 


Beyond Ambition

Taking learning from earlier programme stages, continually test and go beyond your ambitions with behavioural based and strategic change development activities tailored to your organisation. Promoting continual improvement and positive culture change in the workplace.


For more about our Ambition Programme, you can download our overview here or get in touch to talk through in more detail. 

You can also learn more about some of the key themes we explore during our Ambition programme with our ‘Why Series’ blog posts including free podcasts and infographics. 


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